Don’t Rage Against the Machine

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In 1987, Adidas was closing shoe factories in Germany as part of a large-scale offshoring move to China. Last year, the company decided to bring some of its shoe production back to Germany, to a highly automated facility near Ansbach. Adidas’ CEO at the time, Herbert Heiner, said he found it

Will computers rule the world?

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The past two decades have seen technology spread into almost all areas of the economy and our everyday lives. Even our fridges, hairdryers and hoovers are connecting to the internet and beaming data about our most intimate habits to some indefinite cloud. Although computers lack humans’ innate

Smoking marijuana has been legalized in Georgia

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In November, 2017 the Constitutional Court of Georgia decriminalized the use of marijuana or other forms of cannabis-based drugs but preserved an administrative punishment, such as a fine, for marijuana use.  Before decriminalization, Georgia's Criminal Code defined the repetitive use of marijuana